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We've entered a new epoch: the Anthropocene, and nothing is as it was. Not the trees, not the seas – not the forests, farms, or fields – and not the global economy that depends on all of these. What does this mean for your investments, your family's future, and the future of man? Each week, we dive into these issues to help you Navigate the New Reality.

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Excellent, detail-oriented podcast

Steve Zwick has an in-depth knowledge of the problems and solutions in the climate space. He frames issues well and routinely delivers accessible and informative conversations with his guests

Daniel Palken, Citizens Climate Lobby

Sober insights into the often murky and complex

Steve Zwick uses the 'convenient' podcast platform to demystify and offer sober insights into the often murky and complex world of international policy and practice in combatting climate change. With a nice balance of professional reporting and personal (his and others') opinions, this podcast series is both informative to a professional audience and accessible (I believe) to those who aren't on the inside.

Pete Forester

Unbiased and fact-based climate reporting

Steve Zwick does a great job in navigating around bias and opinion and provides balanced and well-researched accounts on climate policy. The podcast is for those that are looking for an experienced navigator that guides them through the intricacies of international climate policy.

Charlotte Streck, Climate Focus

A clear voice in a cloudy world

Steve has consistently reported accurately on not only the Global Canopy Programme's activities but also on the wider environmental movement. I would trust his articles for indicating what is hot and how the landscape is changing.

Andrew Mitchell, Global Canopy Programme

Simply the best

Steve is perhaps the sharpest Newsman I know. When British Columbia's media was hopelessly lost at sea on a critical climate issue, Steve waded in and set the record straight. I already appreciated his work from an earlier professional interface, but his original reporting and clarity really blew me away. Very appreciative that the environmental markets have Steve on the file

Joseph Pallant, EcoTrust Canada

Will definitely continue listening

Just finished listening to Bionic Planet for the first time and I will definitely continue tuning in. The audio is clear, the content is engaging and thought-provoking, and the topic is of increasing importance to people everywhere

Nat Himmel

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